New York Yankees – A-Rod Cut and Run

by on June 28, 2013 updated June 28, 2013


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The New York Yankees are currently embroiled in a very tight race in the AL East. I’ve said in other posts and in our sister site that just being in this race is a major accomplishment for a Yankees organizations that has been hit with an avalanche of injuries in this current season. One of those injuries was to Alex Rodriguez. The absence of stars in New York is a big reason they haven’t been able to lay claim to a division lead. Now there’s some speculation that Rodriguez may not return this season or maybe not return at all.

It comes on the heels of a hope lifting tweet from A-Rod that he had been cleared to play. That missive was angrily denounced by the doctor treating Rodriguez. Now, a mysterious conference call between Rodriguez and the New York Yankees management allegedly leaked the news that Rodriguez maybe could be better in July or August or maybe not at all this season. That’s the shaky timetable dictated by injury.

But there are other clouds on the horizon. A-Rod turned in a particularly poor performance last season. Should he stay out long enough the New York Yankees may be able to cash in on an insurance policy payable when his absence reaches a certain length according to some sources, and even A-Rod has questioned whether or not that may be a factor in the team’s policy. Certainly, there’s nobody saying he’s ready is there?

Then there’s Biogenesis and the PED scandal once again racing through baseball. A-Rod has some connections to that and speculation among some people is that A-Rod would like to retire before he gets nailed. We live in an unseemly world. All this is talk and bluster and there isn’t a single definitive scrap of information on which anyone can hand their baseball cap. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Which is what we’ve been doing, and A-Rod has been doing, and the New York Yankees have been doing all along.


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