New York Knicks Tickets – Lin’s Asian Persuasion

by on February 10, 2012 updated February 10, 2012

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New York Knicks If you want to see the latest basketball hero in the Big Apple you’ve got to get New York Knicks tickets. The Knicks have been working their way up from the cellar and a big part of it is the coming out party of Jeremy Lin. This guy has made somewhat of a splash for the New York Knicks, especially over the last three games. Those games were wins over the New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz, and Washington. OK, so it’s not the Miami Heat or the Celtics, but still.
Lin is being hailed as a go to guy, the first NBA player of Asian descent who was born in the U.S. But who really cares. the fans who have Knicks tickets worry about things like 25 points against the Nets, 28 points against the Jazz, and 29 points against Washington. That’s more in tune with a fans concerns than where the guys parents came from.
It is a good thing for NBA tickets though as his presence is bringing worldwide attention to the New York Knicks and the NBA in general. Places like the Philippines and China fall under the power of Lin’s Asian Persuasion. Is it too much to point out that the New York Knicks are 11-15 and running third in the division? Well, it’s a long season and we won’t mention that fact just yet and neither will the NBA or the people with Knicks tickets who have enjoyed his rise to prominence. Could Lin carry the Knicks into the playoffs? Stranger things have happened and it’s going to be interesting to see how he performs when teams begin to game-plan just for him. Then we’ll find out about Asian Persuasion.

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