New York Knicks Tickets – Carmelo’s Game

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New York Knicks Tickets

New York Knicks tickets will have to find a way to get by without Jason Kidd this season but there are plenty of reasons to believe the Knicks will continue the upward trend they’ve created. New York will have to deal with the resurgent Nets but with Boston in rebuild mode and not likely to be much of a threat the Knicks at least have a clear shot at the Atlantic Division. With Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, and now Meta World Peace, there enough talent on this roster to make things happen. Translating that talent into a playoff spot and post-season wins will be the challenge for Knicks tickets in the new season.

The Players

 Carmelo Anthony is coming off of what may have been the best season of his career. He routinely averages better than 25 points a game while shooting better than 45% from the field. He can work both inside the paint and his three-point shot is improving. In the 2013-14 NBA season, Anthony will have to develop chemistry with Meta World Peace, a new addition to the squad. MWP is a defender, a consistent obstacle to opponents. His offensive contributions will be marginal, but perhaps the Knicks are looking for more of a team unity player, a guy who can help develop younger talent while still contributing off the bench. Amar’e Stoudemire, if healthy, can be a big contributor. There’s some discord between what Stoudemire can do and what Anthony can do but the Knicks have worked around that before and will again in 2013.

The Challenge

 While Knicks tickets have been on an upward swing there’s still plenty left to deliver. New York must break past their playoff lull and give fans some hope of still being around when the final bell is rung. The loss of Jason Kidd means this team now belongs to Anthony. His response to that mantle will help determine the success of the franchise and  ensure that Knicks tickets will be one of the bigger draws in the New York sports scene.

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