New York Jets Tickets – Tim Tebow Arrives

by on March 24, 2012 updated March 24, 2012

Jets Tickets just got more interesting with the signing of Tim Tebow.

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The New York Jets have been engaged in a constant battle for relevance in the Big Apple, a battle made even more difficult by the New York Giants winning a Super Bowl. Coming on the heels of Buddy Ryans’s promise of glory, the sting had to be almost unbearable. So what does a franchise do when they need to generate some excitement in their hometown? Why, they simply ink the most controversial NFL player in recent history.
The signing of Tim Tebow seems to be the latest move by the Jets to make a mark for themselves in the biggest NFL market around. But could the presence of Tim Tebow be a boon to Jets ticket holders? Is this a sound football move?
Well, here’s the downside. The arrival of Tim Tebow could be seen as a sign of uncertainty about Mark Sanchez, despite the fact that the Jets just signed him to a new contract. It’s also going to be a distraction in terms of offensive continuity. Who are the Jets going to be designing their offense around? Tebow or Sanchez? How many times have we seen a change of quarterbacks induce a motion penalty because of cadence? One thing the New York Jets don’t need is a quarterback controversy. Toss in the media frenzy and the madness of Tebow fans and you’ve got a formula for disaster.
And the flip side? Tim Tebow brings as much intensity to the game of football as any player out there? Could it hurt Sanchez to have a talented and determined athlete pushing him in the background? There’s also the possibility that the New York jets can design plays to highlight his abilities while nurturing the more traditional qualities of an NFL quarterback. One thing is certain. The signing of Tim Tebow brings a new flavor to New York Jets tickets and a little extra oomph to the football scene in New York. How it all pans out remains to be seen.
But here’s the flip side.

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