New York Jets – The Tebow – Sanchez Derby Begins

by on May 4, 2012 updated May 4, 2012


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The warning shot has been fired across the bow of the Good Ship Sanchez as Tim Tebow begins his slow takeover of the New York Jets. The first indications come from Coordinator Tony Sporano who coached Tebow in the Senior Bowl and was not a big fan. But now, “Fundamentally, Tim has gotten much better,” Sporano said in an interview with ESPN. “You could see the amount of time he spent at it … He’s completely different now than he was when he came out of college.”

Is that bad news for current jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, who just signed a new deal after a so-so 2011 NFL season? For right now the job of Sanchez is secure. Tim Tebow has some outstanding physical abilities but few believe he’s ready to step in and be a good, much less outstanding, NFL quarterback. But for the future?

The New York Jets have indicated that they consider Tebow a project at quarterback. What they’re keeping a lid on is exactly how they intend to use him until they think he’s ready. Options discussed include wide receiver, H-back, variations of the Wildcat, and everything else under the sun. Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback of the New York Jets and will be so for the foreseeable future. What the Jets will have to handle is the fan base and the media call for action. And that could be difficult.

During his time in Denver, Tim Tebow was a bigger than life figure, certainly more the subject of focus than his production called for. But he did win. Should New York struggle, you can expect the same uproar but louder because this is after all New York City. keeping Tim Tebow from under center won’t be easy.

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