New York Jets – Finding the End Zone

by on August 27, 2012 updated August 27, 2012


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New York Jets fans are starving for a touchdown. In three pre-season games so far in 2012 the Jets offense hasn’t seen the greener pastures of the end zone a single time. Instead, they’ve been held to field goals and really, not many of those. Seven, counting the four last night in their loss to the Carolina Panthers. Hey, that means they’ve only gotten three field goals in their previous games. So four is actually an improvement. Anyway, at least the kickers will have gotten a good workout before the regular season starts.

The disturbing things for Jets fans is that neither quarterback, Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow, has been able to find any kind of rythm or generate any kind of excitement. If you recall last season, Tebow wasn’t an offensive powerhouse, but somehow he managed to pull of some pretty good stuff and get the job done. It may have been ugly but it got done. In the 2012 pre-season with New York that hasn’t happened. Of course, Tebow has been working with a traditional NFL offense which isn’t really his strong point obviously. he’s more of an option, wide open, who knows what’s gonna happen offensive weapon.

Sanchez however, is supposed to be the guy. The arrival of Tim Tebow is supposed to have been the spark that ignited the fire. Of course, it didn’t help that he had receivers who seemed to be able to catch anything even if it was right in their hands. With 11 receptions out of 18 passes completed and maybe three more just dropped, 14 of 18 would have actually looked pretty good and maybe would have been enough to end the scoring drought.

Bottom line: The Jets offense has to improve drastically in the regular season, either under Tebow or Sanchez.

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