New York Jets – Tickets to Another Circus? Maybe Not

by on June 24, 2013 updated June 24, 2013


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Barnum and Bailey have had nothing on the New York Jets. The last few seasons have been one big circus, to the dismay of Jets ticket holders. But all is not lost and the New York Jets could easily recover from their recent woes. For one thing I haven’t heard a whole lot from their coach. Bravado is one thing and confidence is a good thing. But Rex Ryan takes things to an extreme, which is fine if you can back it up. When he first got there the Jets embarked on consecutive AFC Championship season so he had at least some credibility. But in the last two years he’s posted non-playoff season and lost every scrap of it.

Then there was the whole Tim Tebow fiasco. Tebow was acquired then forgotten. It shows either poor planning or poor scouting. If he wasn’t good enough to contribute he should never have been on the roster. But if you’re going to take him, why not make some use of him? The results speak for themselves.

As for Mark Sanchez, New York Jets tickets have given fans nothing but quarterback misery and they don’t like it. It’s easy to point fingers at Sanchez but he may be operating under an impossible situation. The arrival of Geno Smith only muddies the waters. Will the Jets be better off with a rookie or a quarterback who has seen diminishing returns for the past two years? Training camp will tell. The recent comment of Nick Mangold indicate at least someone believes in Mark Sanchez. How long that lasts if the Jets get off to a slow start is anyone’s guess. If things don’t go well Jets ticket holders will be screaming for a change.

Santonio Holmes is another Jets player who likes Sanchez and as the man on the other end of the passes he does have real credibility.  But make no mistake. The 2013 NFL season will make or break both Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez. The Jets ship must be righted or someone is walking the plank.


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