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The New York Jets may be the most mercurial team in the whole of the NFL, a reflection of desperation and the personality of their Head Coach. Rex Ryan just seems to be all over the place. It’s one thing to be fiery and temperamental, it’s another to be blown by any wind. NFL coaches need to plan, not react. So expect 2012 to be another roller coaster ride for the New York Jets. So many things have to play out it’s impossible to predict what direction things are going to go.

Of course there’s the Tim Tebow drama and the battle for the quarterback position. Tebow brings along plenty of supporters but believing he’s going to unseat Mark Sanchez is a little out there. He won’t. He may be used in certain situations but his inability to consistently perform in the passing game makes him a poor choice for a starting quarterback in the NFL. I won’t argue that he can’t be developed but he’s a ways away at best. Meanwhile, New York will be trying to help Sanchez out with an improved running game and a better offensive line. Santonio Holmes is a reliable #1 receiver and New York used a draft pick to take Stephen Hill, who could develop into a solid #2 pretty quickly. The retirement of LaDanian Tomlinson means Joe McKnight will get a chance to prove what he can do with a little more opportunity.

Rex Ryan made his bones on defense and the Jets have a good one. At least in terms of total yardage. But they do allow points to be scored and the purpose of a defense is to stop that. The Jets began by looking for help along the defensive line and at linebacker. The middle of the field may have gotten an upgrade with LaRon Landry and of course the cornerback position is solid with Revis.

The question for New York Jets ticket holders is whether Rex Ryan can pull everyone together is the face of so many divisive influences he’s brought to his team. Santonio Holmes knows no discretion and Tebow supporters won’t be happy unless he starts. It’s all a big headache waiting in New York but if Ryan handles all that energy, look out.

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