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Yankees Tickets – Dropping One to Detroit

updated July 5, 2014by October 3, 2011

The New York Yankees dropped the second game of the ALDS to the Detroit Tigers 5-3 yesterday, after a glaring error gave them a second chance. A Curtis Granderson popup offered a prime chance for Detroit to close things out but Alex Avila slipped and missed the ball. What looked like a gift from the […]

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Yankees Tickets – Missing the Move

updated April 19, 2014by July 31, 2011

Yankees tickets are going to be put up against a wall if they’re expected to deliver a playoff spot, much less an AL East title. The Yankees have been barely keeping pace in the division and could use some good arms to help propel the team over the second half. But the New York Yankees, […]

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A-Rod – Guilt by Association

updated July 5, 2014by June 4, 2011

At what point do we begin questioning the guilt or innocence of someone? Does just hanging around a known bad guy make you a bad guy? Is it possible to spend time with an individual and not participate in questionable or illegal behavior? Of course it is. I ask this question because A-Rod of the […]

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