Yankees Tickets – Still Struggling

by on June 22, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 OK, it’s not all bad. A pro sports franchise has really made the big time when second place is no longer acceptable. The New York Yankees have long been victims of their own success, reaping heaps of criticism for anything less than perfection. Now sitting in second place behind the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees have been on a losing streak, dropping four of their last five. Even worse, New York lost C.C. Sabathia to an injury and his status remains uncertain.

 What all Yankees fans want, and in reality what the MLB wants, is for the New York Yankees to be clear contenders in the AL East. What’s good for the Yankees is good for the MLB right? To my way of thinking have the Yankees struggle during the season isn’t such a bad thing. Stories of redemption and returns to prominence only make for a better story.

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