Yankees Tickets – Dropping One to Detroit

by on October 3, 2011 updated July 5, 2014

The New York Yankees dropped the second game of the ALDS to the Detroit Tigers 5-3 yesterday, after a glaring error gave them a second chance. A Curtis Granderson popup offered a prime chance for Detroit to close things out but Alex Avila slipped and missed the ball. What looked like a gift from the heavens turned out to be only a delay in the final result as Jose Valverde recovered enough to escape the game leaving a pair of Yankees on base.

It was a disappointment for the fans in Yankees Stadium and the win gives the Detroit Tigers a good chance to pull ahead in the series as the games move to the Motor City. Anticipation is high as C.C. Sabathia is expected to pitch on Monday night, facing off against Justin Verlander. The last time the two were squared off, rain forced the cancellation of the game.

Moving to Detroit is bad news for the New York Yankees, who’ve managed to drop their last three out of four against the Tigers in their home stadium.

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