Yankee Stadium _ Home Run Heaven

by on June 2, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 Well, if you didn’t have any other good reasons to get New York yankees Tickets then you’ve got one now. I just finished reading an article by Jeff Passan on the new Yankee Stadium. According to his research, and it sounds good to me, the new home of the guys in pinstripes will be the best place to see a home run derby for the next decade or so. At least until somebody builds another stadium.

 Check this out. So far this season there have been 87 home runs in 23 games. So, on the average, you’ll have a chance to catch almost three home run balls a game in Yankee Stadium. That’s pretty good. While the Colorado Rockies Coors Field currently holds the record of 303 home runs in a season, Yankee Stadium could pass that at the current rate. Even better, the expert Passan quotes in his article, a guy named Greg Rybarczyk, says that for every 10 degrees the temperature goes up a ball travels another four feet. Get your Yankees tickets for the late summer games, right. It all sounds good to me. I’m not an expert but apparently this guy Rybarczyk is. he runs a web site that traclks the length of every home run hit in the MLB. If a guy can set himself up with a job like that, and learn to correctly spell a last name that has only one vowel, who am I to argue? 

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