World Series Tickets – Texas Rangers vs St. Louis Cardinals

by on October 18, 2011 updated October 18, 2011

None of the so called “Big Boys” will be selling World Series tickets this season. No Yankees, no Red Sox, no Giants, no A’s. This season in baseball has been narrowed down to a pair of what may have seemed unlikely candidates in the beginning, but who proved they were more than the sum of the parts.  The Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals will begin play in the 2011 World Series tomorrow and while Major league Baseball in general may be suffering some pains, this matchup is a good one for baseball.

We’ve got enough star power to give the talking heads some room to explore. But more importantly to me, there’s enough freshness to this World Series to once again inspire dreams around the country. While the dynasties are interesting, the average baseball fan wants to see his hometown boys get a chance to play on a level field. If there’s a weakness in the MLB it’s the lack of revenue sharing, the one thing that creates a parity, which in turn creates competition, and World Series events that are open and possible for any team.

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