World Series Tickets – New York Yankees Hungry

by on October 16, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

┬áMaybe the difference between the 2008 New York Yankees and the 2009 New York Yankees is just hunger. Maybe not even reaching the playoffs in 2008 is what’s inspiring the 2009 Yankees. anyway, it’s hard to argue with the Yankees latest succes. Coming off a sweep of the Minnesota Twins, the Yankees are primed for Fridays matchup with the LA Angels. It’s a seven-game series in the ALCS so don’t expect this to be over with quickly. As well as the Yankees are playing, the Angels have enough weapons to win this thing outright. Indication now are that C.C. Sabathia will be asked to step up, start the first game in the series, and probably a pair of others if necessary. That’s a tall order, and one that could influence the rotation in the World Series if New York makes it.

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