World Series Tickets – New York Yankees Going Home

by on October 10, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 For New York Yankees tickets holders it must feel like being home again. After a spartan showing in the last few years the Yankees look like a team that has the World Series in it’s sights. I truthfully confess that I didn’t see this at the beginning of the season. But the last few months have seen the Yankees surge into a division lead and the last few days have seen the Yankees surge into a 2-0 lead in the AL Playoff series with the Twins.

 To have the Yankees home again in the playoffs has been a long time coming. Baseball fans, who used to assume that the road to a World Series went through Yankees Stadium, were quick to spurn the boys in pinstripes when they hit hard times over the last decade. Even early big money signings didn’t phaseanti-Yankees. The Boston Red Sox became the new darlings, at least for awhile, but having the New York Yankees back on top now seems like coming home.

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