World Series in the Making

by on October 1, 2008 updated October 1, 2008

 All the ingredients are there. The contenders have been picked. Now it’s getting down to the time where the World Series participants will emerge from the crowd. To me the most obviously intriguing matchup is the chance for an all Chicago World Series. Not having an MLB team in my hometown means that I have no real favorite in this race. Of course, I’m not real sure the MLB wants an all Chicago series. But my buddies in the Windy City are dying to see a Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox contest for all the marbles.

 Realistically, as much as I’d enjoy that, I’ve got to stick with the Los Angeles Angels on my dance card. I don’t see the Chicago White Sox breaking the bank in the American League. On the National League side, I think the Cubs have a good chance to break their long drought. We’ll have to see if it’s in the cards.


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