World Series – Can Boston Do it Again?

by on October 22, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 I can’t answer that question. Having given the Boston Red Sox up for dead once already I’m apparaently not qualified. What I will say is that if the Red Sox do pull it off it will be one of the more amazing feats in sports this year. But with the Sox having pulled out another improbable American League Championship you can’t call it over as long as there’s a single out remaining.

 What the Red Sox will see is a Colorado Rockies team embarked on an amazing win streak. The Rockies will be well t rested and confident. Remember, this is the team that went into Fenway and outscored Boston 20-5 during th summer. The fabled Green Mpster holds no mysteries for Colorado. The big question is: Are the Rockies standing between the Red Sox and history or is Boston going to be just anothet notch on the gun of the hottest team in baseball?

This is the World Series. Magic Awaits.

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