World Cup Awaits

by on May 22, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

 For Soccer fans in the U.S. the World Cup is waiting just for you. Now I admit to a sparsity of knowledge concerning soccer. It was just never a big star on my limited horizons. But I do understand the interest. If the rest of the world can be obsessed with this game they call “futball” then I can write a few words in homage.

What I find interesting is that this whole World Cup thing comes around only once every four years. I guess when you’re dealing with a ton of different countries it takes that long to get things arranged. If you think a Super Bowl draws a crowd consider that 715 million people watched the grand finale of the last World Cup. That’s a ton of people and soccer draws folks from all over the world. I’ll try and keep up from now on.

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