Wimbledon Woes

by on June 29, 2011 updated June 29, 2011

Well Wimbledon tickets have been giving tennis fans their money’s worth this time around, it just may not be what the average tennis fan or expert thought they’d get. In 2011, Wimbledon is seeing a fairly substantial changing of the guard. Just the other day we watched the Williams sisters both get dumped. Over the past few years both Serena and Venus have been a force at Wimbledon, and entered the tournament this year as the favorites of many oddsmakers and the favorites of tennis fans. But neither was able to sustain the momentum of the early rounds and both fell victim to improbable opponents.

The same thing has now happened on the men’s side of the Wimbledon roster. Roger Federer got pushed off the deep end today by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, a frenchman. The 30-year old Federer has now lost in the quarterfinals two years in a row. What’s more, for the first time in his career Federer lost after posting a two-set lead on his opponent.

The door is now wide open for some new names at Wimbledon. The woes of the established heroes of tennis mean little to a tournament that has always separated the very good from the great. Wimbledon in 2011 looks to me like a wheel beginning to spin. The evolution of tennis continues, with the young and vigorous beginning to gain an edge on the old and crafty. From here, we move on to the U.S. Open, where Roger Federer has had some measure of success. But no doubt, he and the Venus sisters will be looking over their shoulders.


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