Wimbledon Tickets Time Again

by on June 23, 2011 updated June 23, 2011

Once again it’s time for Wimbledon tickets. Yes, time to head for Merry Old England and check out the best tennis tournament in the world, where the tea is hot, the tennis is hotter, and proper behavior is the only way to go. While there have been some bad boys along the way and even bad girls, the atmosphere around Wimbledon is one of etiquette and not excess.

I know this from experience. The last time I had Wimbledon tickets I had to spend most of my time on outer courts away from the action. Yeah, I got to see a few of the bigger names as they walked by but most of my time was spent watching the 100th best tennis player in the world play the 105th best tennis player in the world. Take my advice. Spend a few weeks drinking warm beer before you go. Then spend the rest of the time training to keep your mouth shut. And don’t skimp on Wimbledon tickets. Get the best you can afford. Then you won’t spend your time getting drunk in English pubs. Which is not to say that getting drunk in English pubs is a bad thing. I had a great time although those people in Britain don’t really speak the same language as us.


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