White Sox Tickets – Konerko and Dunn mean Improvement

by on February 15, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

White Sox tickets have been in a rut the last few years with the White Sox pegging along at 70 to 90 wins a season. That’s not a bad performance but it does mean that the club has reached some kind of threshold. And what does an MLB team do when it’s trying to break through to another level? Well, the first thing you do is to evaluate your roster and try and keep the guys who have been producing. For the White Sox, that meant re-signing 1st baseman Paul Konerko.

This is a guy who’s been productive for Chicago, with 89 runs himself and another 111 RBi’s. Konerko is a player who can be depended on to not only suit up for a game but play a meaningful role when he’s in the lineup. His performance¬† netted him a 5th place finish in AL MVP voting, an indication of his value to the White Sox.

But White Sox ticket holders should quickly realize the value of the second move, which was the signing of Adam Dunn.¬† A lefty, Dun is a major addition to the batting power of the White Sox roster, having averaged 40 home runs and 100+ RBI’s in the last seven years in the MLB. It may be that Dunn and Korenko will help push White Sox tickets past the Minnesota twins in the AL Central.

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