Watch Out – It’s Spurriers Gamecocks

by on November 15, 2008 updated November 15, 2008

 OK, so the Gamecocks are like 6-3 and really have no chance of being a major player in the BCS Series. Or do they? Well, maybe. Steve Spurrier and South Carolina are going to line up against the Florida Gators on Saturday, a contest rife with undercurrents of intrigue. Spurrier left Florida years ago, migrated to a patchy NFL career, then returned to college football with the South Carolina Gamecocks football rogram. His most recent flirt with the Gators had Old Steve lining up for a field goal that would have dethroned Florida from the BCS National Championship.

Saturday he’ll have a chance to do it again. The Gators have a single loss on their record. One more kills their chances completely. Spurrier has the underdog team. Is an upset in the making? If anyone can do it “The Old Ball Coach” can.


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