Washington Redskins vs New York Giants Tickets – Week 1 NFC East Showdown

by on August 1, 2009 updated August 1, 2009

 In the NFC East it seems every divisional game will be huge. This division has had the reputation of being the NFC’s toughest, and while I could point out what I thought were some equally tough division, I will say that the NFC East tends to draw more attention than most due to the long standing rivalries you’ll find there.

 In 2009, Redskins vs Giants tickets will be the main attraction opening week in the NFC East. Getting off on the right foot goes a long way and rest assured both teams will ready to play. For the Giants, this is the home opener in Giants Stadium. It’s also the first real game, a game which will give us some indications of what New York has done to replace Plaxico Burress. I anticipate Eli Manning will be handing off to Brandon Jacobs frequently, attempting to establish a running game in the absence of a home run threat not eveident yet on the roster. A subtle shift to a more possesion type passing game, using Steve Smith and rookie Hakeem Nicks. While Domenick Hixon could become a deep threat, he’s still somewhat of a question mark in my mind. Defensively, I think the Giants are in great shape. Their D-line is deep and talented, and they have excellent corners in Webster and Ross.

 From the Washington Redskins point of view there are more doubts. Will the team that went 6-2, beating the Cowboys in Dallas show up, or will it be the 2-6 debacle that lost 4 out of 5 to end the season? The quarterback position is an uneasy truce, with Jason Campbell in his last contract year, and no sign of a confidence building deal on the way. While Todd Collins is listed as the #2, Colt Brennan could see time in mopup or hopeless situations. Much has been made of the signing of Albert Haynesworth, but he may be the only strong point in an otherwise lackluster unit, drawing more attention and minimizing his chance to contribute. Behind a debateable set of linebackers lies a very good secondary. Safeties LaRon Landry and Chris Horton are hard hitting, and corners Fred Smoot and DeAngelo Hall can handle any team’s top WR.

 So, Washington Redskins vs New York Giants in Giants Stadium has all the hallmarks of a classic NFC East game. Lots of intense rivalry, a long history of animosity to draw on, and a Giants Stadium full of fans who know what they’re looking for.  


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