Vikings vs Saints Tickets – Favre Speaks Up

by on June 25, 2010 updated June 25, 2010

 You had to know it. Thinking that Brett Favre wouldn’t want to come back after one of the mopst memorable flops in NFL history was merely wishful thinking. the Favre Retirement Soap Opera hits episode # 6 this year as Brett continues to be coy and play with the media about returning.

But this time he’s let the cat out of the bag early, remarking “I’d love to beat the Saints”, talking about the season opener in the Super Bowl. Brett Favre wants to lead his Minnesota Vikings to a win over the Saints in revenge for his game changing interception in the NFC Championship. Too bad he might not get to do it in a game that counts more. Seeing a Vikings vs Saints rematch in an NFC Championship is a long shot but still possible. More than likely one or the other will fold before that happens. The Saints would have to repeat, a difficult task, while the Vikings will have to avoid injury and play better. Neither is likely to happen in an NFL geared to giving everyone a shot.

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