Vikings Tickets – Vikings vs Jets Now a War

by on October 9, 2010 updated October 9, 2010

 Earlier in the season this Vikings vs Jets contest was seen as a big game, a contest between two teams with realistic Super Bowl aspirations. Now, it’s gotten even bigger by the appearance of several events. First I guess is the return of Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings. While Moss has had his share of critics he’s still acapable of being the focus of an NFL team in the passing game. He has to be respected. With the Vikings reeling and stumbling through the air it’s hoped that Moss can revitalize the passing attack.

 Secondly, given Favres recent stint in New York and the presence of Darrelle Revis, fans were banking on a premiere battle of receiving talent vs defending talent, something they may or may not get. Throw in the fact that Favre is now being looked at for allegedly sexting a hot young reporter while in New York and you have the makings of a soap opera Monday Night football game.

 Honestly, I don’t see Randy Moss making that big a difference to the Vikings. I could be wrong but there seems to be something gone awry underneath the surface in Minnesota. I hope I’m wrong. I’d like to see the Vikings in the playoffs as a strong team. I also have a hard time believeing the Jets will be serious contenders for a Super Bowl. Why, I can’t put my finger on. It may be I don’t like huff and bluster, the kind of stuff that comes from Rex Ryan. I think the Jets are a good team but somehow I just feel there’s an AFC team out there that will knock them off.


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