Vikings Tickets – The Never Ever Ever Ever Ending Story of Brett Favre and how He Refuses to Retire and Why Should He?

by on August 20, 2010 updated August 20, 2010

 I’d be the first guy to tell you that I’m tired of the whole Brett Favre drama queen deal. But I’m beinning to wonder how much is his fault and how much is our fault. Favre is beinning to remind me of that aging gunfighter who keeps getting dragged back into the fight when all he wants is to retire to his ranch.

In this case it’s the desperation of Minnesota Vikings tickets holders pulling Brett Favre back into a high noon showdown with the New Orleans Saints in the NFL season opener. Of course, it’s the most hyped game of the Vikings and Saints season, a virtual repeat of the NFC Championship game that saw Favre and the Vikings lose their dream of a Super Bowl with a fourth quarter comeback killing interception. Redeeming himself for that mistake may be driving Favre, but I’m beginning to think that people just won’t let the man retire. What can you say when three teammates show up on your doorstep to beg you to return? That just ain’t right.


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