Vikings Tickets – Favre or No?

by on August 4, 2010 updated August 4, 2010

 It seems I wrote this story about a year ago. Maybe it wasn’t about Brett Favre and his effect on Vikings tickets so much as it was about Favre in general. But It’s the same thing year after year anyway. The Minnesota Vikings are just the team of the season. One day Brett Favre will retire.

But is that the 2010 NFL season? Right now it looks like we won’t see the grizzled veteran. But I don’t think there’s been an official announce,ent and even if there was I wouldn’t believe it. Brett favre could come back to the Minnesota Vikings a week before the opener with the New Orleans Saints and he’d be annointed the starter 5 minutes after entering the building.  Minnesota Vikings fans shouldn’t get too high or too low. Just wait.


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