Vikings Playoff Tickets – Sliding Away

by on December 30, 2009 updated December 30, 2009

 Minnesota Vikings tickets for the playoffs are hot tickets. But the Vikings aren’t a hot team. Since running out to a 10-1 record the Vikings have fallen short, losing three of their last four. While Brett Favre has fallen off his game only slightly the Vikings defense has taken a big hit. In the last three games Minnesota has given up over 90 points, an indictment on the NFL’s supposedly best defense. It’s not the way Vikings ticket holders thought it would go.

 Now the Minnesota Vikings find themselves in need of some help to clinch a first round bye. First they’ll have to beat the New York Giants. Then, the Dallas Cowboys will have to topple the hot Philadelphia Eagles. It’s a surprising turnaround in the wrong direction. It’s also a bad sign for a team that needs to go into the playoffs with some positive momentum.

 Of course, if you need a revival the New York Giants might be the team to get it from. But getting help from the Cowboys is a tenuous deal, especially if it comes by way of a win over Philadelphia. Nevertheless, Vikings playoff tickets still hold the promise of a Super Bowl run. Teams get hot the same way they cool off. With an experienced quarterback, a Pro Bowl running back, and a defense with a monster pass rush, the Minnesota Vikings are still a team that could end up in Miami.


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