Vicks NFL Ticket to Insanity

by on April 1, 2009 updated April 1, 2009

 Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is no longer living in the real world, if he ever did. Expecting to be released from prison, and expecting to actually be signed to an NFL roster, Vick is expecting to make $10 million per season. Dollars that is.

 Forgive me but I just can’t see it. Let me be the first to state that Vick has served his time and paid a heavy price. But I’ll also say that signing Michael Vick would be an unbelievable nightmare of public relations. The guy has just garnered too much bad press. It would be like hanging a Kick Me sign on your franchise. NFL ticket holders have pretty much had enough. Frankly it surprised me that T. O. got signed so quickly.

 Best of luck to you Michael Vick. I always though you were one heck of a runner. Not the greatest passer but always a threat to rip off a long run. But $10 million in todays NFL? Not gonna happen.  


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