Vick’s NFL Ticket Cancelled and Other Various and Sundry NFL Thoughts

by on August 15, 2007 updated July 4, 2014


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For Michael Vick, 2007 just keeps getting darker. Fans with Atlanta Falcons tickets should be banking on that tremendous running game of the past few years and the genius of their new coach. It doesn’t look like wonder boy will be tossing any boquets this season. Vick’s friends are scurrying like cockroaches to rat on their former cash cow, leaving Michael holding the bag. You’re looking at what may be the ignoble end to a promising career.

Meanwhile in other NFL news, it’s going to be interesting to see the reception Trent Green gets when he returns to play his former team, the┬áKansas City Chiefs, this week. Green never looked the same after his concussion last season and certainly hasn’t shone in the pre-season but it’s still early and he certainly has the pedigree. Wouldn’t it be nice to see him light it up in KC? I always love the revenge factor.

The Philadelphia Eagles are experiencing a flurry of injuries. Only the return of McNabb highlights a so far tenuos pre-season.

Questions for the week:

Will Thomas Jones be a bust for the Jets?(Injury) Or will he heal quickly and, along with a healthy Chad Pennington, lead New York Jets ticket holders to the promised land? Just asking. I really want to know. Dancin Dave?

How long will Larry Johnson hold out and can Priest Holmes return with a vengeance for the Kansas City Chiefs?

With the season ending injury to Kenny Irons will the Cincinnati Bengals be thwarted before the season even starts?

Will fans with Oakland Raiders tickets ever get to see JaMarcus Russell? Or will Russell hold out until playing this season is pointless? Coaching tip: If Russell does sign late throw him in there behind what may be the NFL’s worst line and let him take a few hits. Just for fun.

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