NBA Eastern Conference Finals – Expect the Unexpected

by on May 20, 2012 updated July 26, 2015


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The Eastern Conference has been full of surprises in the NBA playoffs.  The Chicago Bulls were eliminated by the 76ers, the same team to come from an 18-point deficit against the Celtics and win.  The Indiana Pacers are also up against the the Miami Heat 2-1 in their series.  Could there be a totally unexpected Eastern Conference Finals?  Who do I think it will be between?  I’m going with Indiana and Philadelphia.

The Indiana Pacers have been remarkable in their series against the Miami Heat.  With Indiana being the dark horse of the playoffs, they are a very dangerous team to face.  Ask Miami.  There are also the deepest team in the East.  Their bench is much deeper than  Miami, Boston, and Philadelphia’s.  All-Star center Roy Hibbert and Danny Granger are playing like their lives are at risk.  Behind the Thunder and Spurs, the Pacers are the next best team.

The Philadelphia 76ers are also playing with something on the line: pride, dignity, and their fan base.  This team barely reached the playoffs and right now have the opportunity of a lifetime.  They have the talent to beat the Boston Celtics, but they also have the emotional edge as well.  To be tied 2-2 in a series against a great team like Boston and be the underdog is a huge momentum swing.  I’d be surprised if the 76ers didn’t win this series.

That means that the Pacers and the 76ers will be in the Eastern Conference Finals.  Who would have predicted that before the day of the playoffs?  Nobody, that’s who.  This will be a very intense playoff run for the two teams.  With the Pacers having a chance to win 4-1 or 4-2 against the Miami Heat and the 76ers having a chance to play in the Conference Finals as an 8th seed makes this very suspenseful and very interesting.  Don’t miss out on your chance to see it all happen.  Get your tickets now at

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