Unemployment, Obama, The BCS, and Insanity

by on November 8, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 Congrats to Barack Obama on his winning the presidency of the United States. Never have so many worked so hard for such a thankless task. Obama faces massive unemployment as a major problem to be dealt with. All americans will have to deal with it, we’re hanging on to our jobs with desperate fingers, cutting the fat to the bone, putting in extra hours to keep the ink black in our employers books. So what does Ryan Leaf, ex-San Diego Chargers quarterback do? He gets himself in trouble by allegedly asking for painkillers from one of his students. Come on Leaf, get on board with the rest of America.

Obama has also injected himself into the debate about a playoff system in college football. Rather than arriving at the BCS National Champonship game via the convoluted ranking system we now have, Obama is looking for an eight team playoff package to decide the National Championship. Hey boys, when POTUS speaks, you better listen closely.

On the insanity side we have, once again, the Oakland Raiders Al Davis cutting cornerback DeAngelo Hall. On the face of it, it seems insane. But heck, if you’re going to lose double digit games anyway, why pay the money?   

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