U2 Tickets – U2 Back on Tour

by on February 11, 2011 updated July 26, 2015

I have to say that U2 tickets have been on my list of concert tickets for a long time. But I’m stuck in a somewhat less than major city and U2 has never deemed us worth of an appearance. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch U2 on their latest tour if I’m not stuck in a Middle Eastern desert anytime soon.

U2 has been around for three decades now and I’m always amazed at how they keep changing, yet retaining that unique U2 sound. Of course, being an old geezer, my favorite U2 album is and always will be The Joshua Tree. This is where I found U2 and it’s remained what I think is the best U2 album. I”ll pick and choose U2 songs off later albums for my Ipod but Joshua Tree is tops.

The latest U2 Tour will carry them throughout North America and beyond. The closest they come to me is in Miami and I’m sorely tempted to get U2 tickets and carry the wife away for a little holiday. Maybe. But just because I’m stuck doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t get U2 tickets and take my place. Email me about it or maybe I’ll see you there.

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