U2 Tickets – Coming to America

by on May 6, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

U2 tickets have been swinging their way around the world and finally they’re coming to America. It says a lot about U2 that they can just keep us hanging like this and still have us love their music. U2 is playing U.S. dates now that were originally scheduled for almost a year prior. Oh well, good things are worth waiting for and I think U2 tickets fall under the category of good things.

In the next few weeks U2 will begin a West Coast swing that includes Seattle, Oakland, and a few other places. While Californians, especially LA folks, are noted for their blase attitudes, I don’t think anyone is nonchalant about U2 tickets for the 360 Tour. Reports coming out of Europe indicate this is one of the best U2 shows in memory. Which is kind of hard to believe given the quality of the last few tours. But I guess we’ll find out when it gets to be our turn to pack the local stadium and catch this latest U2 concert.

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