Tiger Woods Return

by on February 19, 2010 updated February 19, 2010

 Oh, for the good old days. Those fine days when Tiger Woods was a fine upstanding citizen and Golf was sacred. You know, besides John Daly, golfers were a pretty straight laced group, certainly not like NFL players or NBA players, always getting their tails in a crack over something or other. And Tiger Woods seemed to be the purest of them all. The guy just won every tournament he played in, never crossed any moral lines.

 Then we found out different. The whole golf world collapsed, Tigers marriage looked like it’s crumbling and who knew what lay around the corner. Well, Tiger Woods is back after apologizing but he’s no longer in a great position. He’s got the eyes of the world watching and not in a good way. The press just wants him to screw up again and the moral dogs of society want him to stumble. The Return of Tiger Woods is going to be rough.

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