Tiger Woods Golf Tickets – Baby Can You Drive My Car?

by on December 1, 2009 updated December 1, 2009

 The old Beatles tune kept running through my head as I watched the Tiger Woods debacle on the network news. Never has anyone wreaked so much havoc with their personal lives, or drawn so much attention, for running over a fire hydrant and a tree. Maybe it’s those nasty environmentalist who are so mad about Woods taking out a little piece of Mother Nature. I don’t know.

 What I do know is that Tiger needs to step up, say what happened, and move on. Dodging the media like he’s doing only stimulates the fray. In fact, if he keeps it up, it could propel the incident into mythical proportions. Was he drunk? Lots of us have been there. Was he fighting with his spouse? All of us have been there. Granted, we didn’t have to fess up in front of TV cameras but then again, we don’t have a gazillion dollars from being a public figure either. To the man who has sold more golf tickets than anyone I say “Spill the beans.”

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