Tiger Tiger Tiger…. Woods You?

by on March 19, 2010 updated March 19, 2010

 Hey Tiger, Woods you be expecting the whole world to just let you slide back into golf without a ripple.?Unfortunately Buddy, you’re going to have to pay the Piper. The world won’t let anyone get out unscathed. And though what you did has been done by millions of guys, and contemplated by most, somehow the media is rejoicing in your exposure. Of course they are, it sells papers doesn’t it? The interesting question I ask myself is if I really care what you do in your personal life. I probably don’t.

 Tiger Woods returns to golf to play in The Masters at Augusta National. It’s a long road back for Tiger Woods but every journey begins with a single step. Golf will eventually be the better for his presence if he can keep his pants on that is.


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