Oklahoma City Thunder – Making Noise in the NBA Playoffs

by on April 29, 2012 updated July 26, 2015

Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder hit a last second shot to beat the Dallas Mavericks last night in the NBA Playoffs 1st Round.


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The Oklahoma City Thunder started off their playoff run with an uplifting win over the Dallas Mavericks.  With a little more than one second left, the league’s scoring leader, Kevin Durant, nailed a jumpshot in the end which ended up being the game-winning bucket.  The final score was 99-98 for the Thunder.

Oklahoma City is looking to continue to make noise in the playoffs.  Knowing that they’ll get their chance at the reigning champions should definitely give them something to strive towards.  The Thunder were on a rollercoaster at the end of the year, but with a win like this that could be over.  Not all number one seeds have to win their conference.  The Thunder made a statement in beating the Mavericks, they’re here to play for a championship, and that’s that.

On the other side of the court is the Dallas Mavericks.  Losing to a team that made a last second game-winning shot is definitely a bummer, but they still have the title of “Champions.”  That alone should give them the enthusiasm to continue to try hard and play for a second title.  Dirk, Kidd, and Terry are the three big guns on this team.  As you’ve seen throughout the season, when all of these guys play up to par, then this team can win big.  Playing against a top notch team like the Oklahoma City Thunder may be a bit more challenging, but this team is great at overcoming challenges.

The X-factor in this series is Serge Ibaka.  Ibaka has played like an all-star in the past few games including the win over the Mavericks.  Not only can he be a threat on offense but this guy is a beast at blocking shots.  Ibaka may end up being the reason for the Thunder possibly winning this series and maybe even more.

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