Thunder vs Spurs Tickets – Spurs Take Game 1

by on May 28, 2012 updated May 28, 2012


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As much as I like the Oklahoma Thunder you have to take a step back and gawk at the San Antonio Spurs. This is about as strong a run as any fan could want from an NBA team. 19 in a row and 9-0 in the playoffs? Come on, that’s almost unheard of.

If you were lucky enough to have Spurs vs Thunder tickets you got to see the San Antonio Spurs put on a classic show of NBA strength. A 39-point fourth quarter, inspired by some tough talk on the side by Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich, was all it took for San Antonio to turn things around and push their record to 19 straight wins. In all fairness, the Oklahoma City Thunder pushed San Antonio as hard as any team has in months, but still couldn’t break the streak.

Manu Ginoboli scored 26 points, lived up to coaches expectations, and helped put together the grittiest quarter of basketball we’ve seen in these NBA playoffs. But I fully expect this Thunder team to come back and fight hard in Game 2. they’ve become known as a team that can match physical play. The question becomes a matter of endurance. Can the Spurs and Thunder go banging against each other an entiore game and if so who comes out ahead. I guess we’ll find out in Round Game 2.

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