Those Blazing Boston Red Sox Tickets

by on June 24, 2007 updated July 26, 2015

I have to admit I’m always a fan of the underdog. Maybe that’s why every time I headed to Beantown I was looking to score Boston Red Sox tickets and spend some time in Fenway. If I pleased the Gods of Schedule and spent enough time begging I would sometimes land Red Sox tickets when the New York Yankees were in town. Now I have to admit I’m not a resident of Boston. Never lived there, just had occasional business that brought me to town. But as the champion of the underdog those Red Sox – Yankees tickets were like manna from heaven. Over a span of 10 years I think I witnessed one victory by Boston over New York. But now with the Yankees scratching their heads and wondering where the magic went and the Red Sox looking like a playoff contender I’ve found something even better. It’s actually the epitome of cool to score Red Sox tickets, take your seats in Fenway, and expect the Sox to clobber those supermen in pinstripes. My last trip was in April. The Yankees and Sox were scheduled for a three game series at Fenway. I couldn’t get there in time to catch the opening game of the series but I did manage to score tickets to the 2nd and 3rd game. These were the first back to back Red Sox tickets I’ve ever held in my hand.

Now I knew Boston had won the first game so I’m hoping the Red Sox can squeeze out just one win from the two games I’m seeing. Praise the Gods of Baseball! In Game 2 Beckett recovered from some early problems to eventually retire 15 of 17 batters, Ortiz hit one out the park, and those Red Sox ticket stubs went into my wallet as souveniers. The next night Boston is trailing the Yankees by 3 in the third and I’ve pretty well resigned myself to a loss. But wait, there’s Manny Ramirez with a homer followed by another from JD Drew. But will miracles never cease? Lowell and Veritek hit two more and the Red Sox squeeze out another win, sweeping the hated Yankees. That was in April, it’s now June and Boston has an 11 game lead over New York. I guess I’ve had a hard time dealing with the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series and becoming a team that the Yankees can;t handle. The transition from perpetual underdog to annual contender has been nice. And those Boston Red Sox tickets? Now displayed on my Wall of Fame. I could get used to this.

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