This Week’s Ill Conceived Thoughts

by on November 5, 2007 updated November 5, 2007

 Boston College has fallen from the unbeaten. Their loss Saturday toppled them to #8. Would they be #2 if they had won?

 LSU ascended to the second spot in what I though was a very shaky performance. they didn’t so much win as have Alabama hand them the game.

 Ohio State deserves the #1 spot. So far.

Will Kobe Bryant please do something? I’m tired of it.

Do the Minnesota Vikings look like geniuses now? Adrian Peterson is the bomb.

 The Colts-Patriots game kinda sorta lived up to the hype. If the score had been 63-62 it would have been better though.

 The Detroit Lions are for real.

 So are the Green Bay Packers

 What’s the deal with the San Diego Chargers? I have the answer. Remember earlier in the year when I predicted that nobody named Norv could be a winner in the NFL? And you thought I was kidding. The guy got handed the keys to a Cadillac and turned it into a Yugo.

 I’m beginning to have tentative hopes about the New Orleans Saints salvaging a decent season. But the NFC’s gonna get creamed in the Super Bowl.

 Speaking of the Crescent City, don’t forget to start lining up Sugar Bowl tickets and BCS National Championship tickets for a week of debauchery in New Orleans.


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