They Could Be Giants

by on October 29, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

┬áThe World Series is well underway and though I’ve been rooting for the Texas Rangers I can only say one thing about San Francisco. They could be Giants. For two games now I’ve watched the San Francisco Giants step up and take complete control when the time came in each game. For the Rangers, a pitching staff that has been on an amazing tear now seems to have lost it’s stuff. The Rangers are giving it away. Last night Rangers ace Derek Holland managed to walk four batters in only 13 pitches, a traumatic event that ended up putting paid to the Rangers hopes of winning. The San Francisco Giants meanwhile, have been plodding along, making the easy play, and occasionally rising above themselves. San Francisco now has Texas pinned down with a 2-0 lead. All is not lost but the Rangers need to find some answers quickly and get back to playing the inspirational baseball we’ve seen over the last six weeks. Otherwise the Giants will be standing on their shoulders.

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