The Tour Championship Tickets and Other Stuff

by on September 2, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 My God, here it is the 2nd of Sept and I haven’t posted the latest golf tickets. Seems I’ve been paralyzed by pigskin fever. Let’s take just a few moments to chase the little white ball around the course.

After an uneventful August, in which Tiger woods failed to win much of anything, didn’t save the world, but still made about $150 million dollars more than me and you combined, we come to September and a few tornamenrs where you can get your Golf Jones assuaged, and maybe pick up a few pointers.

Deutsche Bank Championship – Sept 4-7 – TPC of Boston – Hey, that’s the day after tomorrow. Hurry!

BMW Championship – Cog Hill Golf and Country Club – Sept 10-13. I want to own a BMW someday, just so I could say I did.

The Tour Championship – East Lake, Atlanta GA – I know my good buddy Dancin Dave, who never calls me anymore since he’s such a big time writer and all, will be there. If he spent a million years on a gold course he would still slice.

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