The Song Remains the Same

by on August 21, 2007 updated August 24, 2007

 I’ve been watching some of the NFL pre-season games when I get a chance and here’s what strikes me. The Indianapolis Colts will once again be a terrific offense carrying along a mediocre defense. Could they get lucky again? Certainly. But don’t mortgage the house on it. All the stars were in alignment in 2006 and that celestial confluence won’t happen again. Playoffs? Yes. Super Bowl? No.

 From what I can see of the Chicago Bears they also remain the same. Great defense and schizo quarterback. Really, have you ever seen a guy so up and down as Rex Grossman? If I lived in Chicago I would have ripped my hair out by now. No Super Bowl for the Bears either.

Who am I liking? I don’t really have a clear favorite. I’ll have to get back to you on that. But it’s much easier to say who’s not going than who’s going so I took the easy route tonight.  


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