The PGA……..D?

by on July 7, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 In keeping with the tone of professional sports, the PGA has now begun drug testing of it’s members. Considering the conduct of it’s members, it’s hard for me to believe that there are a lot of golfers hitting the weight room hard and cycling their way through huge quantities of anabolic steroids. Nowhere do I see the equivalent of a bulked up Mark McGwire or a frenzied Lyle Alzado ripping the heads off the opposition. No Barry Bonds blasting drives of incredible length. It could be interesting though: The Professional Golfers Association Drug League. I guess we’ll have to settle for what we’ve got, which this month is a schedule devoid of steroid induced drug rampages and filled with events like:

John Deere Classic – July 10 – 13, TPC at Deere Run

The John Deere Classic, somehow doesn’t it just seem to strike a discordant note that John Deere sponsors a golf tournament? Face it, in a sport dominated on the amatuer end by doctors, lawyers, and professional types, how many of these guys have you ever seen wearing a John Deere hat? Isn’t that reserved for goofballs like me who tend to get greasy, hang around small one pump gas stations, and drink Nehi cola?

U.S Bank Championship in Milwaukee – July 17 in Brown Deer Park

Besides great golf, the beer should be good also.

Reno – Tahoe Open,  July 31st – Montreux Golf and Country Club

If it’s in Reno, and the ground starts shaking from an earthquake, does it still count? No, seriously, my friend lives in Sparks and they got jostled pretty good awhile back.

WGC American Express Championship, July 31st – Firestone CC South Course

Somehow I can’t find anything funny to say. Maybe because I owe American Express so much money and I can’t afford to tick them off.

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