The NFL = The New OZ

by on July 15, 2007 updated July 18, 2007

Indianapolis Colts ticket holders should be happy with the news that Dwight Freeney has inked a long term deal with the Colts. In the past
Indianapolis has focused on their offense, signing Manning, Harrison, and Wayne to mega-deals in an attempt to keep thir high scoring attack rolling. Who can argue with their thinking? The Colts punched out Super Bowl tickets for their fans last season and should challenge again in 2007.


Meanwhile around the rest of the league the legal woes of our NFL heroes continue. It seems like buying NFL tickets nowadays is like sitting down to watch an episode of OZ. Down in Miami, Dolphins ticket holders got a dose of it with WR Chris Chambers picked up on a drunk driving charge. Jaguars ticket holders found out Khalif Barnes will serve six months probation for imbibing behind the wheel.


But fear not NFL ticket lovers. The winds of change are blowing around the league. It’s just going to take some time to settle in the fact that the NFL has had enough of their good name being bantered around in police reports. For me personally I find it very comforting that big money and big talent don’t always translate into big smarts. In fact, it seems like the big money and fame only lead to more temptation and opportunity to screw up. Thankfully, I barely have enough money to eat and that should keep me out of jail for awhile.


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