The NFL Coaching Carousel takes a Spin

by on January 17, 2008 updated January 17, 2008

 Picking the right coach makes all the difference. Look at the Green Bay Packers. Two years fans openly criticized the Pack for taking Mike McCarthy as head cach. McCarthy immediately improved the team and now has them one game away from the Super Bowl. The same year the New Orleans Saints tabbed Sean Payton and he took them to within one game of the Super Bowl. Now the Miami Dolphins have taken Dallas Cowboys assistant head coach Tony Sparano to try and revive a 1-15 team. Of course, Sparano will have The Big Tuna guiding him every step of the way.

 Is Mike Martz San Francisco 49ers job a prelude to him taking over the top spot? Mike Nolan has to be looking over his shoulder with a Super Bowl winning coach on his staff. Alex Smith will either blossom or be destroyed under the tutelage of the demanding architect of “The Greatest Show on Turf”

 Note to the Atlanta Falcons: PICK A COACH ALREADY!!!!!! Then chain him in his room for at least one season.

 The New York Giants just missed stepping on the coaching carousel. One more early exit from the playoffs would have done it. Now they’re getting ready to line up against the surprising Green Bay Packers for the chance to get whalloped by the AFC in the Super Bowl. Ain’t life grand? 


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