The New York Giants

by on July 5, 2007 updated July 5, 2007

 I don’t know why but I just have the feeling that 2007 is the Year of the New York Giants. While I have no plans to head to the Big Apple and score New York Giants tickets because my schedule for the fall is already full, I’m thinking a heads up is in order in case anyone reading has plans for a day in Giants Stadium. My thinking runs this way:

 Tom Coughlin has the Giants in the playoffs pretty consistently. The trick now will be to win once they’re in. Since Coughlin only got a one year extension he’ll be pulling out all the stops. Eli Manning will make a Giant (excuse the pun) leap this year. Sinorice Moss becomes the Giants ticket to a receiving game along with Shockey and Burress. Reuben Droughns undergoes a revival. Michael Strahan comes back with a vengeance.

Fantasy? Maybe so. But gut feelings go a long way with me and I just think Giants tickets are a worthwhile investment in 2007. Let me know what you think.


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