The MLB – Batting Around Some Ideas

by on January 21, 2009 updated January 21, 2009

 OK, the major controversy now in the MLB is which bat to use. Players have always decided pretty much on their own, their preference of bat, as loing as it was within the limitations of the rules. Since Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants switched to a maple bat, other players have done the same. The result? Well, it seems there is some feeling that maple bats tend to splinter more easily, a fact denied by the makers.

Now the MLB has decreed some guidelines, such as using the bat with the label affixed to the edge grain. Every baseball player in the world has been taught to hit the ball opposit the label so we’re talking major change here. How will it all end? How does anything end? Lawsuits, insults, complaints, and finally a shrug of the shoulders and acceptance. If that’s the way it is that’s the way it is. Only the next year will tell us who is right or wrong, if anybody.


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