The Lakers Dilemna

by on October 18, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

┬áLos Angeles Lakers ticket holders are looking at the possibility of losing their #1 reason to go see the Lakers other than the chance to watch Jack Nicholson’s demonic presence. Kobe Bryant has been the driving force behind the Lakers for so many years it’s hard to imagine him not packing his bags.

The latest news has Bryant clearing out his locker while still claiming that he’ll act like a professional. The glaring fact is that Bryant is unhappy, probably won’t play well, and will now be a divisive force on the Lakers. By airing their dirty laundry in public the Lakers have diminished Bryants trade value to the point where it will be almost impossible for Los Angeles to get anything near what they would have two years ago. Throw in an ongoing knee problem and Kobe Bryant is trouble waiting to happen for any team deperate enough to roll the dice.

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